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The Alternative Fuel Race Which One Will Go the Distance Free Essays

Since the revelation of fire a million years back, man has gone far in creating wellsprings of vitality to help his method of living. Of the world’s current vitality sources, about 95% originate from non-renewable energy sources, for example, coal, gaseous petrol, and oil. (Cunningham Saigo, 1997). We will compose a custom article test on The Alternative Fuel Race: Which One Will Go the Distance? or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now With issues, for example, contamination, an Earth-wide temperature boost, and vitality preservation, elective fuel sources developed, with the serious vision of deleting the requirement for non-renewable energy sources in vehicles. Executing an option for oil in vehicles involves numerous worries, for example, accessibility, cost of creation, vitality yield, and level of ozone depleting substance (GHG) outflows (Farrell et al. , 2006; Hill et al. , 2006). At present, ethanol, battery force, and crossovers are accessible as elective fuel hotspots for traveler vehicles. The inquiry presently is: which of these three has the stuff to supplant petroleum derivatives? This examination paper intends to give an outline of three elective fuel alternatives for traveler vehicles existing today: ethanol, battery force, and half and half vehicles. The information and issues introduced in this paper ought to give data to the overall population about the upsides and downsides of each, and ideally will help in the choice with respect to which elective fuel is the best alternative for perhaps supplanting petroleum products in traveler vehicles. To look at every elective fuel choice, the analyst utilizes data assembled from peer-evaluated diaries and news stories distributed inside the previous decade. Every one of the three themes for examination is first characterized before information is introduced and deciphered. The information covers a short clarification of each fuel choice, including insights and results from examines directed on them. Likewise remembered for this report are monetary and natural upsides and downsides of the three introduced choices for traveler vehicles. This paper doesn't offer notice to the ramifications of ethanol, battery force, and mixtures on ventures other than traveler vehicles. Moreover, this examination doesn't cover political and social issues influencing the execution of elective fills. The most effective method to refer to The Alternative Fuel Race: Which One Will Go the Distance?, Papers

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Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation Essay

I chose to compose my paper about the coagulation framework, including clump development, yet for the most part about Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation. Scattered Intravascular Coagulation, otherwise called DIC, is a neurotic enactment of blood thickening components that may occur because of an assortment of maladies, or diseases. Be that as it may, DIC, is most usually seen in extreme sepsis and septic stun. DIC is certainly not a particular sickness, rather it is a confusion or an impact of the movement of different ailments or maladies. (Porth, 2011). At the point when the body gets harmed, certain proteins in your blood become initiated and travel to the injury site to help quit draining and control hemostasis. Hemostasis is the typical procedure of fixing off a vein to forestall blood misfortune and drain. It is strange when it neglects to fittingly clump the blood, or when this coagulating is lacking to stop the dying. Following a physical issue, there is a quick vessel fi t that advances vasoconstriction, which attempts to reduce the blood stream. Collagen from the harmed site, discharges platelets which hold fast to the harmed vessel, and there, they experience degranulation and discharge cytoplasmic granules, ADP, Thromboxane A2, and Serotonin which is a vasoconstrictor. The ADP at that point pulls in more platelets to the region, and the Thromboxane A2 advances platelet collection, degranulation, and much more vasoconstriction. This procedure advances the development of a platelet plug. The harmed tissue presently discharges Factor III (3), which, with the guide of Ca++, will enact Factor VII (7), which starts the extraneous system of thickening. Factor XII (12), which originates from dynamic platelets, will enact Factor XI (11), which starts the characteristic system. Both dynamic Factors VII (7), and dynamic Factors XI (11), advance a course like response, in the long run enacting Factor X (10). Initiating Factor X (10), alongside Factor III (3), V (5), Ca++, and Platelet Thromboplastic Factor, all actuate prothrombin. Prothrombin activator changes over prothrombin to thrombin.Thrombin changes over fibrinogen to fibrin. Fibrin at first structures a free work, however then Factor XIII, (13) causes the arrangement of cross connection like structures, which convert fibrin into denser strands. Platelets and red platelets become made up for lost time in this work of fiber, and the final product is the arrangement of a blood coagulation. (Liebman, et al, 2008). Scattered Intravascular Coagulation, as expressed prior, prompts the arrangement of little blood clusters inside the veins, and may happen in 30-half of patients with sepsis. It creates in an expected 1% of all hospitalized patients. DIC happens at all ages and in all races, and no specific sex inclination has been noted. (Matsuda, 1996). As expressed over, that enormous actuation of the course like response as a typical thickening system, presently causes an age of microthrombi to discharge that cause vessels to impede and prompts tissue ischemia. All these coagulation arrangements eat up the accessible coagulation proteins and platelets. They become drained and serious discharge may result. The regular draining destinations are the mouth, nose and venipuncture locales. There is broad wounding, and numerous organ disappointment. Research center discoveries show the PT and APTT are typically extremely drawn out and the fibrinogen level is extraordinarily diminished. Significant levels of fibrin corruption items are noted. There is serious thrombocytopenia. The main successful treatment is switching the basic reason. Platelets might be transfused if checks are under 5-10,000/mm and monstrous drain is happening. New solidified plasma can likewise be directed trying to recharge the coagulation factors, however these are just impermanent measures and may bring about an expanded improvement of considerably more thrombi. The visualization shifts relying upon the reason and degree of the intravascular apoplexy. For patients with DIC, paying little heed to the reason, it is frequently dismal, and somewhere in the range of 10% and half of these patients will pass on. DIC with sepsis has an essentially higher pace of death than DIC that is related with injury. References Leibman, H.A., Weitz, I.C. Scattered intravascular coagulation. In:Hoffman, R., Benz, E.J., Shattil, S.S., et al, eds. Hematology:Basic Principles and Practice. fifth ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders, Elsevier, Churchill, Livingstone; 2008: 132. Matsuda, T. Clinical parts of DIC-dispersed intravascular coagulation. Pol Journal of Pharmacology. Jan-Feb 1996;48(1):73-5. [Medline]. Porth Mattson, C. 2011. Basics of Pathophysiology. (third ed.). Philadelphia, Pa:Lippincott, Williams, and Wilkins. Schafer, A. I. Hemorrhagic disorders:disseminated intravascular coagulation, liver disappointment, and nutrient K insufficiency. In:Goldman, L., Ausiello D. eds. Cecil Medicine. 23rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders, Elsevier, Churchill, Livingstone; 2008:chap 181.

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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

How to Write a Compare and Contrast EssayWriting a compare and contrast essay for college is no easy task. Many writers fail in their efforts because they put too much emphasis on style over substance. Others fail because they do not have a clear picture of what to write. The key to writing a good essay is to find out what you should be writing about and to write the essay in such a way that it is easily understood by the reader.You will need to learn some basics about what a good essay should contain. The main points of the essay should be easy to understand. They should also be easy to write. Even if the essay is well written, it may seem quite unclear or dry to the reader. For this reason, you should consider including the title of the essay and some body text for your student.The writer's attitude towards his subject should also be considered. Do you have any hobbies? Do you have any areas of interest that may be reflected in your subject? This is important as many students write an essay that contains some information they are not particularly knowledgeable about. You should consider what you like to do as this can easily be expressed in your writing.Good essay examples are important in what to write a compare and contrast essay on. There are many online tools available which can help you choose examples from newspapers, magazines, books, or television. Once you have chosen the relevant source, you can use the information to build your topic. If you are a young student, you may choose something interesting that you can discuss with your classmates. If you are older, you may choose a more serious example as a basis for your essay.What to write a compare and contrast essay on may seem a simple question but is actually quite complex. The main reason for this is that it can get quite personal. You need to ensure that you include some personal information about yourself and what you are interested in. This will enable you to make your point easier.Another reaso n why a student may write an essay that he may not have planned is that he may feel threatened by his tutor. This may occur if you feel that your teacher is not doing enough to help you in class. In this case, you will want to get a tutor that you feel comfortable with. Answering any questions and having someone who is not a competitor working with you will help you write a better essay.As a student, you will want to choose an essay topic that you are passionate about. Remember that it is your choice of topic that will determine how well your essay will turn out. Your choice of topic should reflect your personality and interests. However, you will want to know how you will be discussing your topic. The best way to achieve this is to take the sample of a different topic and then write a new essay about it.There are many reasons why what to write a compare and contrast essay on could be difficult. However, with the right research and planning, your essay will be completed in no time a t all. You will end up with a well-written piece that will be perfect for your subject and which will become an example for future students.

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The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis - 1086 Words

RUNNING HEAD: My Place: The Place for Diversity Chawn A. Thomas My Place: The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis COMM 315/Diversity Issues in Communication November 4, 2010 Barbara Lach-Smith Although, I am not the type of person who judges people based on their superficial characteristics, after reviewing the examples depicted in the multimedia analysis, I did find myself judging†¦show more content†¦Example #2 â€Å"I began working part-time on a regular basis at the age of 13. After high school, I talked my way into a job as a runner at the Chicago Board of Trade. A runner is the person who runs all the buy and sell orders to the brokers in the pits. I have been successful in blue collar jobs, such as roofing and painting, as well as white collar jobs, such as being an account executive for a national mortgage lender. At the age of 21, I decided to attend college and later graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Science degree in telecommunications management. I am currently working on a master’s degree and am married with two children.† In this scenario, once again I selected the wrong person. I selected the woman because she was older, an d being more mature led me to believe that she had more work experience than the two males that were pictured. In my opinion, both males appeared to be too young to have so much work experience; especially having worked as an account executive for a national mortgage lender. They both appeared to be high school or college students. Example #3 â€Å"I received a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic communications and spent 7 years working in the prepress industry. After a 2-week trip to Italy, I realized I wasn’t happy with my life and needed to change. So, I quit my job, moved out to California,Show MoreRelatedMy Place - the Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis1152 Words   |  5 PagesMy Place - The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis Coral Ann Rogers University of Phoenix Diversity Issues in Communication Comm / 315 Dr. Tatyana Thweatt August 07, 2011 My Place - The Place for Diversity Multimedia Analysis Diversity, a term that affects every person, group, and culture, is simply the ways that all of us are different. Diversity consciousness is our knack of distinguishing and adjusting to these differencesRead MoreEducational Manifesto: The 21st Century Classroom895 Words   |  4 Pagesmeant by diversity in education or necessary to be effective as a modern teacher? In essence, the idea of diversity in the classroom is to operate with the idea of a global village and overlap in cultures within the microcosm of the classroom. This means simply that the modern educator be sensitive about culture, gender, sexuality, and individual differences within the classroom. History, for instance, has been incredibly Eurocentric and male oriented for generations. Successful diversity within theRead MoreStrategic Planning, Learning Theory, and Training Needs Analysis1729 Words   |  7 PagesThe five phases of the training process model include; Needs Analysis Phase; Design Phase; Development Phase; Implementation Phase, and the Evaluation Phase. The â€Å"Needs Analysis Phase† is to determine each employee’s needs and ask â€Å"What do we want our employees to get out of the program?† This phase will help identify the difference between comparing the company’s current results to the company’s â€Å"expected organizational performances. The performance gap is one way to figure out what is bestRead MoreVA Consulting Report1708 Words   |  7 Pagesï » ¿VA Consulting Report The assignment being completed within this report asks the author of said report to answer to a few analysis and review questions pertaining to the Veteran Affairs Administration in the United States, especially as it pertains to their claims processing dilemmas and issues. The author, in order, is asked to analyze the organizational design of the Veterans Administration, analyze the agencys global and international linkages, analyze their human resource goals and frameworksRead MoreThe Effects of Culture on the Economic Development of Cities1355 Words   |  5 Pagesanalyses have become accepted in the academics. First, we will consider culture as a product, which raises questions regarding the production, the consumption and the economic value of culture as well as cultural use as a tool for urban generation and place marketing. This is category is more closely to the tangible elements of culture. Second, culture as a process which leads to creative thinking to distinctive pattern s of social organization and economic growth. This covers intangible aspects. HereRead MoreHow to Make a Review of Related Literature6112 Words   |  25 Pages REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE What is Multimedia | Commercial Products | Multimedia-realted Terms | Education-related Terms | Critical Thinking Skills Developed through Multimedia | Enthusiasm for Learning | Fore Thoughts | Hardware Needed | Multimedia Implementation Literature | Student-generated Multimedia | Considerations | Seymour Papert on Technology ________________________________________ What is Multimedia? The definition of multimedia used during the study as well as a strategyRead MoreEssay on media and its influence on the public1591 Words   |  7 Pagesnot for writing history. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The media is a form of communication used to reach the general public to form audiences for information, artistic expression, and other kinds of messages (Marc, David, â€Å"Mass Media.† Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia. Scholastic Library Publishing, 2005 ). Media is known for being able to reach large segments of the public due to its great value in commerce, politics, and culture. Corporations like in the U.S. or national governments like in ChinaRead MoreThe Cohort Of Student Students1421 Words   |  6 PagesAlthough Americans believe the cohort conception is innovative, yet China has been employing it for decades. All through China, students start in a school are place into classes and they reside in those classes in the company of each other for the whole time in that school except higher tests, which allow them to shift to a more superior group. It is understood in the Chinese structure that this grouping of students will deal with all of their subjects mutually. While in America, these types ofRead MorePersonal Experience Reflection1577 Words   |  7 PagesA Reflective Analysis of My Personal Experience These are exciting times in education as compared to my times in public education in the District of Columbia. This is also true for my much earlier experiences during my undergrad studies and graduate studies at Clark College and then Clark Atlanta University. Also true is that I have not changed as a life-long learner. I still love school and the challenge of academic rigor. What has changed is the 21st-century ideology of how academics worksRead MoreHigh School Is A Crucial Period For All Essay1944 Words   |  8 Pagesand provide different variations of learning techniques that will accommodate the needs of every student (Bellanca Brandt, 2010). While also, displaying the personality of a culturally competent teacher that is able to effectively incorporate diversity in her curriculum. On the other hand, some teachers lack the ability to influence their students, and cultivate a positive learning environment. These teachers typically do not incorporate theorist ideas and tec hniques for creating a meaningful classroom

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Movie Game Night - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1084 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2019/07/26 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Sir Gawain and The Green Knight Essay Did you like this example? Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the movie Game Night have a lot of unique connections that deal with the plot and the role of free will. In both of these stories, the characters experience similar journeys that involve a game and the real world. The characters are all unaware of reality and they must undergo difficult trials to reach one goal. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Movie Game Night" essay for you Create order The problems that are designed to test their knowledge cause them to act on free will and they have to carefully think about their own actions. Even though they are oblivious to the truth, their decisions are extremely important because it will have a major effect on them later. The characters are greatly impacted by their choices and the role of free will plays a big part in these two texts. Sir Gawain and the friend group in Game Night do not realize what is actually happening and they do not notice that they are continuously being tricked by the people around them. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain expects to continue the Christmas game once he reaches the Green Chapel; however, he is unknowingly playing the game during his visit at the Lords castle. When he met up with the Green Knight, the knight revealed to him that his real name is Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert and that Gawains stay at the castle was a trial to test his virtues. Lord Bertilak de Hautdesert, who is disguised as the Green Knight, informs Gawain that it was he who arranged it [himself] and [he sent his wife] to test [him] (296). Gawain then learns that the contract he had with the Lord was meant to reveal his true qualities and their exchanges represented his interaction with the Green Knight. Like Sir Gawain, the characters in Game Night went through a similar experience. The main characters, Max and Annie, host weekly game nights with their friends Ryan, Michelle, and Kevin. Maxs brother, Brooks, decides that he will host game night when he comes to visit, and planned for the them to participate in a murder mystery game. Brooks explains that they will not know whats real and whats fake (Game Night). Unfortunately for Brooks, he is kidnapped by real criminals and no one helps him because they think it is all part of the game that he set up. Throughout the night, they discover that Brooks is actually involved in a dangerous crime and they have to go through difficult tasks to save him. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Game Night both consists of the reversal of a game and actual events, and how the characters are completely blindsided by the truth. The role of free will is particularly important in these two texts. In Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, Gawain gets to choose his actions and what he got to do for himself as he was on his way to fight the Green Knight. Initially, King Arthur was the one who was supposed to play the Christmas game, but Gawain stepped in because he thought his death would be least loss (246). Gawain volunteered himself to play the dangerous game because he wants to protect the honor of his uncle, King Arthur, and his court. He also chooses to accept the Lords agreement in exchanging what he has acquired in the castle to the Lords hunting prey for three days. The Lords wife, Lady Bertilak, decides to give him a kiss on the first day of the contract and she proceeds to do so on the second and third day. Each day, Gawain exchanged the kisses from Lady Bertilak as the Lord gives him his hunting prey in return. On the final day, however, she also gives Gawain the green girdle as he leaves the castle to go to the Green Chapel and compete with the Green Knight. Gawain chooses not to give the Lord the green girdle because Lady Bertilak convinced him that it had the power of survival. Gawain thought that the girdle was a godsend for the hazard he must face when he reached the chapel to receive his deserts (283), so he did not return it. He did not trade the girdle because he wanted to live when he went up against the Green Knight, which resulted in the Green Knight to choose to spare Gawains life. The role of free will affected Gawain because his actions were responsible for his future, even though he did not know the circumstance. The characters in Game Night also had the ability to act on free will. They all choose to participate in the murder mystery game because they are highly competitive, which causes them to do anything to win. When they discover that Brooks has actually been kidnapped by real felons, and they go on a long adventure that involves tough challenges to save him. Max assumes that he will go through this mission by himself because he thinks that its up to [him] to fix it (Game Night) since he is Brooks brother, but everyone decides that he will not go through it alone. No matter how dangerous the situations are, they still continue to risk their lives to save Brooks, placing themselves deeper into crime. They crash a top secret party that is filled with the richest people in the world in attempt to retrieve a jeweled egg that Brooks stole from a criminal. Annie knows that Brooks captor wants the egg and the only way to save [Brooks] is to get that egg from[Marlon Freeman] (Game Night), the ma n who the egg was sold to. They also choose to get involved in many car chases, fights, and shootings in order to rescue Brooks from the threatening criminals. They all actively work together to figure out how to escape from crime and to think of clever ways to get Brooks back to safety. The way Max and his friends react to these obstacles will determine whether or not Brooks survives. The unique situation in these texts about the reversal of a game and the real world causes the characters to act on free will. Because of their unfamiliarity with the truth, the decisions they make do not reflect what will actually happen since the truth is kept a secret from them. The role of free will creates a connection between Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Game Night because each character unexpectedly made decisions that will end up affecting them in their future.

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Who Is The Best Option - 1645 Words

People will always encourage you to never give up. But sometimes, I ve found, giving up is the best option you have, because you realize one day that you re wasting your time. As I fought the urge to punch my parents in the face, I realized that was the case. I was wasting my time trying to convince them that regardless of the upbringing they have forced upon me, I was going to live my own life the way I feel pleased to live it. I scanned the room we were feuding in: a small living room with pictures of Bruce Springsteen where the average, normal family would have had portraits of themselves. Moreover to the left, there was a small frame containing my face, painted stark white with black motifs where ever they chose to place them. A Kiss concert, because where else would an art major want to spend his time? Certainly not at the art show his parents forced him to miss so he could attend the concert of a lifetime. I can t believe this, my father started. Your destiny. Our family name. You want to waste it on paint? He paced when he was angry, which made his beer belly flop around. His band t-shirt fit too snugly on his protruding stomach, so his hands were placed strategically to nonchalantly lower the chances of his midriff collapsing. Though it hardly helped. My mother sat on the couch, her bubblegum pink braids hanging low along with her head. I thought you wanted this, Tripp. I thought you liked rock and roll, being in the family band. Don t you want toShow MoreRelatedWho Is The Best Option?838 Words   |  4 Pageswhen a person acts counter to his or her own best judgment. This is also called incontinence. Many philosophers argue whether or not an incontinent action can even occur. It seems hard to believe that a person could believe one action to be the best option yet commit another action. If we believe an action to be best then why would we choose another action? Is it weakness of the will or is it something else? Do we really believe that the action was best or did some part of us really believe that itRead MoreWho Is The Best Way For You Grow Our Money More Than Our Other Investing Options?863 Words   |  4 Pagesfrom our earnings and try to make it grow. So the problem then lies in finding the best way to invest our savings so that it grows, like in this image, large enough, and crucially, safe enough, to be ab le to retire upon. I think, that the best way to grow our money large and safe enough is called an index fund. So today, I’m going to explain what index funds are, and why they’re better than our other investing options. Owning stocks in general is really pretty simple. In fact, it’s a lot like owningRead MoreBinary Options Strategy : A Binary Option Strategy1435 Words   |  6 PagesBinary Options Strategy A Binary Option Strategy provides you an opportunity to earn big profits from a trade. Although the stakes may be high, but this particular kind of trading has an edge over dozens of trading methods – you can predict the outcome of the trend for a short period of time. Typical trading in the stock market takes much longer – weeks or months – before you see the outcome. But once you start utilizing Binary Options strategies as a means to trade, its expiry date may only takeRead MoreIs College A Lousy Investment? Essay1507 Words   |  7 Pagesopposite side, quoting an unnamed professor who says that â€Å"the vast majority of people who end up in our community college system don’t belong in college at all.† I would argue that the issue is not two-sided, and that there are more complexities to the issue than are always printed in media; to say that all college students should go to college or that all should not attempt to place a variety of differen t cases into a single group. Perhaps a better option is to say that college (in the traditionalRead MoreNegotiations: the Batna1321 Words   |  6 PagesBATNA - Best Alternative Having available options during a negotiation is a good alternative which empowers you with the confidence to either reach a mutually satisfactory agreement, or walk away to a better alternative. Dont put all your eggs in one basket. Its an old saying which has stood the test of time. Some of you urbanites, sitting in your cubicles, may be scratching your heads and wondering, What in the name of Hades does this mean? Meanwhile, back out there in the countrysideRead MoreThe Classroom Management Simulation : Effectively Handling Transitions1513 Words   |  7 Pagesabout effectively transitioning during class time. I answered all questions of the simulation correctly and agree with most of the options provided. Because the responses are limited, I do believe that there are additional practices that can be used to use transition time wisely. In any classroom, it will be important to try several practices and see which work best for your students. The Classroom Management Simulation provided three scenarios. The first scenario is based on data given on transitionRead MoreSuicide and Dr. R. Essay614 Words   |  3 Pagesherself. Killing herself is not the best thing for her to do; I know she been suffering a lot for the past years but ending her life just like that is not the right thing to do. A lot of people who has Roberta W. problem try so hard to survive and for her to refuse all hydration just so she can end her life is probably the worst thing she could do to herself. Roberta W. needs to think that a lot of cancer people who has must worse than her tries their best to survive in this world and for herRead MoreSolving The Problem Of Foreclosure1011 Words   |  5 Pagesrent-to-own is sought after as not only the most popular option, but more often the best option. Rent-to-own is negotiated through contract so that the renter can eventually complete his or her payments and eventually claim the house as their own prop erty. With other various ways to pay for a home, many potential home owners will most commonly find themselves confused and may have multiple questions regarding what payment option is the best for them. Like everything in life, rent-to-own has its prosRead MoreMinimum Wage And Philosophical Theories1374 Words   |  6 PagesFirst one is that it is best to not have any minimum wage and let the employers and employees decide. Second, the current minimum wage should not change and stay the same as it is. Third suggestion is that the U.S. should raise up the minimum wage up to certain about such as $15 an hour. Ethical egoism suggests that he or she has to make decisions based on what’s best for his or her interests and it is the only way to make decisions in the long run. Over the three different options given on the questionRead MoreConsequences Of Stock Options829 Words   |  4 PagesStock options are an integral component of many compensation packages, and have the potent ial to provide advantages to both the granting employer and to the option holder. There are many traps for the unwary which can lead to unintended—and potentially very costly—consequences. To avoid these negative consequences, and to ensure that the intended benefits of the stock options may be realized, employers should review the current procedures implemented for their existing stock option programs and

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Identification Theft And Identity Theft Essay Example For Students

Identification Theft And Identity Theft Essay Tommy Parks Andrew Bates ADMJ 333October 6, 2015Identity Theft Identity theft can happen to anyone. Identity theft is nothing new, it has been happening to people for decades. Before computers were prevalent, identity theft occurred when criminals would steal purses and wallets. With computers being more ubiquitous, ID theft has become easier to get away with, whereas prior to computers, thieves would have to go into banks and would have a higher chance of being caught. Identity theft will happen to you. With the advent of computers, identity theft has become easier and more difficult to catch. Thieves will go after people’s personal information such as, driver licenses, social security numbers, e-mail addresses, and even telephone numbers. With this information, hackers will try and hack into other on line bank account information; online web stores with saved information for one click shopping. A common identity theft technique is to dumpster dive. They will dive through both commercial and residential garbage in hopes to find bank statements, check books, credit cards, and other items that may have personal information on it. Another technique is to look over the shoulder of people on their phones or computers in a public area and watch them enter sensitive information into their devices. Also they may wait by ATMs until an unsuspecting person leaves behind a credit card receipt. The last technique is â€Å"phishing†; this is where criminals will send out massive amounts of unsolicited e-mails to appear to be from legitimate companies requesting personal account information. It is common for people to not be aware of the fact that they have fallen victim of identity theft until over a year after it has occurred. Furt. .to your e-mail and rest the password. † (Gerstner)In conclusion, identity theft can happen to anyone. It has been happening for many years, even before common computers, although computers have made it easier to conduct ID theft. There are many ways or techniques used to steal someone’s identity ranging from dumpster diving, to sending mass e-mails to trick people into sending them their personal information. ID theft is not a high priority to prosecute, resulting in a large number of people partaking in ID theft activities. Once victimized, it is not easy to recover your losses. Because of this, it is vital to take appropriate steps to prevent identity theft from happing to you. Works CitedIdentity theft. By: Klenowski, Paul M., Salem Press Encyclopedia, January, 2015Kiplinger s Personal Finance. Sep2015, Vol. 69 Issue 9, p32-39. 8p. 7 Color Photographs.